September 8, 2011
cub learns important lesson in international relations

I was visiting my friend Tim in Bangkok for a couple of weeks – he’d been there for over a year teaching English and loved every part of being an expat. Tim was in his late 30s, tall and looked somewhat professorial with a bald head and hair wings on the sides. He wasn’t my type but I liked his adventurous take on life. He had a sweet Thai stripper for a boyfriend and encouraged me to get off my high horse and enjoy the local men as much as he did. I was shy and a little prudish – but I was on vacation in a foreign country so my inhibitions were lowered and I’d been going on dates lately.

One night I went out with a captain from Thai Airways. We had dinner and went out dancing and had a good time. I think I told him about not wanting sex on the first date so I threw him off a little. He drove me back to Tim’s apartment in the Sukhumvit neighborhood and dropped me off at the door. A guard opened the door for me and watched as the captain drove away. Another guard then called the elevator for me and got in behind me as he talked to the first guard in Thai. As we slowly started going up the several flights to Tim’s place he started talking to me in his broken English.

“You like friends?” he asked and I laughed. “Yeah, I like friends,” I said and looked at him wonderingly. He was cute, a little younger than me, maybe 28 or so, and the tight beige uniform he wore made him look pretty hot. I didn’t know what he was up to, especially when he hit the button for the fifth floor. The door opened and he motioned for me to follow him. I still didn’t know what was going on but I walked behind him down the hall until we were at the open-air balcony overlooking the city. “Look,” he said and I looked. Yep, there was all of Bangkok at night: hot, muggy, loud, bright and noisy. Then he asked again if I liked friends and it dawned on me. “Oooh, yeah, I like friends. And my friend Tim likes friends too!” Cute as this guy was I was still playing my ridiculous virtuous role but hey, if I couldn’t enjoy him there was no reason to not let Tim get to know him better. Just that morning Tim had asked me if I thought any of the guards in his building were doable.

I brought him up to Tim’s apartment and explained the situation while the guard stood there watching both of us. Tim was pretty fucking ecstatic that I’d brought him a hot man to play with.  Within a minute he had the guard on the bed with his pants around his knees and was sucking his dick. I think the guard was a little confused – he thought he was going to get it on with me but then I set him up with this professor dude?

As I sat there feeling amused I couldn’t help but get turned on. The Thai guard had a fucking huge dick that was thick and rock hard and Tim was having a hard time taking it all. I think I watched for only a couple minutes before I had a hard on in my pants and told Tim I wanted some of that. Tim didn’t mind at all and sat back while I started sucking off the guard. The guard pawed at me and I got it – I started taking my clothes off and the guard got naked too. He was hot, in good shape and covered with the standard Thai Buddhist tattoos. Tim got off the bed and watched as we started sucking each other off. It was when I decided that I had to fuck him that Tim decided to leave and give us a little privacy. I didn’t care if he stayed but I think the idea of watching me fucking his building guard was too much. 

With Tim gone, I put on a bright red condom and slowly entered him while holding his legs in the air. When I was all the way inside I leaned over to kiss him but he was pretty indifferent to that. Fine then. I switched gears and just started fucking him hard. Really hard. He liked that a lot and his dick, which had gone a little soft when I entered him, got rock hard again. Being Thailand, within minutes we were both drenched in sweat even though it was 2 in the morning. After about 10 minutes of fucking him deep I was just too hot to expend that much energy and be that sweaty – it was burning my eyes! I pulled out, ripped the condom off and got back in the 69 position, with me on top of him.

The guard’s cock was probably 8 inches long and thick, with a great mushroom head. I loved sucking it and trying to get as much in my mouth as possible. Meanwhile he kept swallowing the head of my dick in the back of his throat and it was making me crazy. The more I sucked and slurped on his big head, the more he swallowed me whole. I went to that cocksucking frenzy place and forced myself to take as much of his dick as I could before I started choking. The more I did that the more turned on I got until I realized I was going to cum!

I warned him first with my moans and then with my words that I was going to explode. I told him one last time but he didn’t want to pull off so I went back to sucking his dick and within seconds I came so fucking hard in his mouth I was sure he’d pull off. Oh no, this was a dedicated cocksucker. He kept suctioning the come out of my dick while I continued to suck on him, hoping he’d come too but it was not to be. Finally he pulled my dick out of his mouth, sat up and went into the bathroom to spit out what he hadn’t swallowed. I think this was exactly the second time in my life I’d come without my own hand around my dick. 

He didn’t care about getting off so I offered him to take a shower and he did. When he came out he pulled on his uniform and stood by the door, seemingly waiting for something. I asked if I could take his photo and he was fine with that. Okay… but he still seemed to be waiting and I didn’t know what he wanted. Finally he patted at my wallet in my pants and then motioned at his mouth. Oh fuck, he wanted money!

I’d been in Thailand long enough to know that there’s a whole caste system worked out about class and seniority and age. And since I was the white tourist guy, I obviously had way more expendable cash then he did. “Well, there’s no love lost here, is there?” I said as I pulled out my wallet and gave him a decent amount of baht. I’m guessing what was a day’s worth of spending money for me was a couple week’s salary for him. I was a little chagrined that I’d gone from pious tourist waiting for love to a trick paying a whore in less than an hour. But you know what? It was totally worth it.

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