July 19, 2011
cub gets plowed ‘til the sun comes up

A couple months ago I was hanging out with Thomas and friends at the bar and getting a little buzzed. After a couple drinks I went and pissed and when I came back there was a young guy standing with my group and it was obvious he was checking them all out. Thomas had his shirt off because he gets hot easily and he stood out because A: it wasn’t that hot and B: dude weighs 280 and has a big hairy belly. The new guy, Josh, was kind of leering at Thomas while Kirk was leering at Josh and Carlos was observing everything.

Me, I was thinking to myself “all these guys have boyfriends – this one’s mine!” and checking Josh out. He was my height, handsome, thin, goateed and dressed like a regular northwest straight guy: t-shirt, flannel, jacket and a backwards baseball cap – a total bro. But Josh also has a great smile and an easy confidence for somebody so young. Yeah – he’d just turned 21 a month before. Normally that’s way too young for me but there was something about his cocky, friendly demeanor that made me want him.

Kirk was flirting with him and that made me flirt with him too – and then my friends decided to help me flirt even more. Carlos unbuttoned my shirt once he figured out Josh liked hairy chests and then a few minutes later Carlos unbuttoned my pants and dropped them around my ankles. Within seconds all four of these guys were feeling up my ass and crotch in a pair of blue underwear Thomas had given me just an hour before. They look good on me, and I’m not shy, but that was a little much. “No hard-ons at the bar, guys,” I said and pulled up my pants before I started showing wood.

I could tell Thomas was slightly annoyed – he’d given me the underwear in hopes of us getting it on like old times but for whatever reason I wasn’t feeling it. So a minute later he and Carlos took off leaving Kirk and me with Josh. Kirk leaned over and whispered that he was going to let me have my fun and took off too. I asked Josh if he wanted to hang out and he was game. Hot.

He was too drunk to drive so I took us both back to my place where we started making out in my living room and then on my bed. The clock said it was midnight. I asked him what he was into and he said kissing and cuddling. Awww, I found that kind of adorable and we ended up making out and working our way down to our underwear over the next two hours. Seriously, we were taking it that slow.

I could tell he was hung but I was fucking shocked when I finally pulled down his underwear and saw an 8” cock that was pretty damn thick too. Goddamn, I love a challenge. I took about 5 inches in my mouth and sucked and tongued it as hard as I could while fondling his balls and shaft. There wasn’t any precome but it tasted great and Josh was making small noises to let me know it was working for him. I’m more modestly hung but Josh was totally into me fucking his mouth while I smothered his face with my belly. All the bear lovers like that for some reason. I laid down and he sucked my cock while resting his huge, hot dick on my leg, the length and warmth of it exciting me even more.

We traded blowjobs, made out and 69ed for two more hours, taking breaks to catch our breath and tell each other how hot we thought the other one was. After four hours of slow-building sexual fervor Josh told me he was finally going to come. He thought he’d be too drunk to come but my repeated face fucking finally sent him over the edge.  I was so turned on by how hot the whole evening was that I told him to come in my mouth and started tonguing the head of his dick while he fisted his thick shaft. Soon enough come started flowing out of his dick and into my mouth, oozing onto my mustache and beard. So fucking hot. I sat on my haunches and tongued more of his come into my mouth from my mustache and started jacking off in earnest. It tasted great and coated the inside of my mouth. I leaned over him to give him a taste of his own while still beating my meat. Turning around, I suctioned the remaining come out of his still-hard dick, then quickly sat up and pumped a huge load all over his stomach and the sheets beyond that. I collapsed on the bed next to him exhausted by all the effort.

We took a shower to clean up and were back in bed by 4:30 in the morning, both of us tired but feeling great. As I lay next to him he felt up my hairy chest and got hard all over again, and that got me hard too. I couldn’t help it – tired as I was I wanted him inside of me. We got a condom and rolled it on him and I slowly, very fucking slowly, sat down on his big dick. I hadn’t been fucked in 4 months and Josh was huge so I had to pull off a few times and lube up even more before I could even begin to enjoy it. But within 10 minutes it was feeling great. I was making super small movements up and down his dick, both of us moaning and me freaking out about the size and girth of the giant inside of me. And then Josh wanted to fuck me doggy style.

I put my head in the pillow, lifted my ass and he entered me from behind. Goddamn, it was so big and I’m pretty tight but I just groaned and took it. In a couple of minutes Josh was fucking me full force and I was wincing a little but loving it. We went on for a long time until he confessed he couldn’t come in a condom. So, after six hours of fucking around, we finally passed out as the sun came up.

We slept for a couple hours, woke up with hard ons, started making out and jacking each other off, and soon enough Josh was fucking me from behind again. God – I could not get enough of his huge dick up my ass. I was calling him a bastard and a mother fucker as I took him slamming all 8 inches of his fat dick inside me, jacking off the whole time. Eventually he pulled out, flipped over and started jacking off and I eagerly swallowed his load, going all the way down his dick and sucking the rest of the come out of his cock before I leaned over him and shot a huge amount of come that completely covered his torso. That made Josh happy. Fuck yeah. We showered and I took him back to his car.

The following weekend he came over and we did it all over again, except that time I came buckets in his mouth and he swallowed it all. The next night he fucked me for a couple hours until I dumped my load all over his chest and face with him inside of me. It’s been a couple months now and somehow the sex gets hotter each time we hang out - maybe because we keep trying new positions (I watch porn movies closer now to see if there’s something we can try).  He tells me I have the sex drive of a teenager – I take it as a compliment and a personal bit of pride that I can wear out a 21 year old!