February 19, 2011
cub in Cairo

The first thing people ask me when they know I was in Egypt three weeks before the protests started is – did I know that the whole country was about to go through a revolution? The answer is no – I had no idea. Yes, the city was overcrowded and filthy and had the craziest traffic I’ve ever experienced but at the same time the people were friendly enough and seemingly just trying to get by. My guidebook gave me the sense that Egypt was religious, conservative, and very hard on gay people, and any sort of gay scene was super underground. Well… yeah, sure that’s true IF YOU’RE NOT A HOMO. On the streets and in the cafes I consistently had lingering eye contact with hot men. And while there are mosques all around the city broadcasting the call to prayer at sunrise and sunset, I never got a sense of Egypt being a religious state like, say, Saudi Arabia.

One night I ended up in a café waiting for my travel companions to join me. After 15 minutes sitting there alone I found myself glancing repeatedly at the guy alone at a table to my right. He was 26 and strikingly handsome in his full suit with pink shirt and tie. He was smoking a hookah filled with shisha and every time he pulled in smoke from the long tube I found myself staring even harder. Eventually he invited me to come join him, so I did. He offered me the hookah tube and we passed it back and forth, drawing the sweet fruit and tobacco smoke into our lungs – it felt so erotic. That night I ended up wandering the old parts of Cairo with this guy, my arm in his, using his phone to google translate our conversation from Arabic to English and back again. I eventually learned that he lived with his parents and had nowhere for us to go.

Reluctantly I went back to my hotel alone but more intrigued than ever to have a sexual encounter in Cairo. I was surprised to find out that Grindr and Scruff both worked on my phone using wifi in my hotel. There weren’t a ton of men online close by – I was getting hit on from as far away as Qatar, but one local guy stood out more than others. He was 25, his photos were hot, ridiculously so, and his English was good.

He asked me if I wanted to fuck and I immediately responded, “Yes. Where are you?” We went back and forth for a while but he was hesitant: it was New Year’s Eve and he had plans that night with only a few hours to spare, not to mention he lived quite a distance away. I told him it didn’t matter – I was ready to go, would take a taxi to wherever to meet him, and I’d leave when it was time for me to go. He still seemed unsure because he didn’t want to rush anything so I did something I don’t do often – I sent him a photo of me naked to try and persuade him. “Fuckkkkk,” was his reply – I was totally his type and he told me to come over right then.

I hailed a cab on the street outside my hotel and drove for 20 minutes until I was dropped off outside a mall called Wonderland – it was shaped like a castle and looked ridiculously out of place in this huge, gritty city. Amro had told me to wait outside and he’d come pick me up. As I stood on the steps I realized I had no way to contact him – no wifi here and no international cell phone plan for me, so I really hoped he’d show up.

Just when I started wondering if I was getting blown off he walked up the stairs and said hello with a big smile on his face. And holy shit, he was even more handsome than his photos. Amro was a couple inches taller than me with a buzzed head and built like a thick jock. He had a wide smile and beautiful eyes and a little belly under his tshirt. He told me to follow him to his car across the street and told me he was halfway surprised that I had shown up – I guess gays are flaky even in Egypt – who knew? I asked him if he approved of me in person – he did – and I assured him he totally worked for me.

We drove a few minutes until we were outside of a nondescript apartment building. It was big and grey and ugly and the stairwell was littered with debris and dirt. The whole thing felt like a decaying Soviet bloc style building, so I was surprised when I walked into the apartment and was confronted with a living room full of neoclassical overstuffed furniture. I turned to look at Amro and back at the living room with a confused look on my face. “Every good Egyptian family must have something just like this,” he said and that’s when he told me that he lived with his parents and three brothers.

Turns out everyone else in the family had left for the weekend, as it was the New Year’s holiday, leaving Amro alone in the big apartment. He walked back to a bedroom and started cleaning it up a bit. It was his brother’s bedroom and this is where we were supposed to get it on. “Show me your bedroom,” I said – so he did. Amidst all the dirty clothes on the floor were three single beds in a row and the middle one was Amro’s. Okay, yeah, I didn’t want to do it in there. “We can use my parent’s bed,” he said while opening their bedroom door. It was as formal and stuffy as the living room. “I don’t want to fuck on your parent’s bed!” I said and he responded, “You’re such a good boy.” Actually, there was something hot about messing around in his older brother’s room – it felt hot and dirty.

Back in his brother’s bedroom we cleaned off the clothes from the bed and I took off my jacket and sweater and tossed them on the floor. I turned around and we started making out, the three days of stubble on his face rubbing on my face, which I fucking love. We stood there kissing while my hands groped his back and ass through his clothes. When we broke the kiss Amro turned off the light and we stripped down to our underwear. There was enough light coming from the hallway that I could still see everything. He pushed me down on the bed, climbed on top of me and stuck his tongue in my mouth again. Our hands were grabbing each other’s hard dicks through our underwear and squeezing each other’s asses.

Amro surprised me by pushing me back a little and shoving his head into my crotch. He pulled my legs further apart and started tonguing my ass through my underwear. Well that’s one way to make sure I’m clean, I thought. After a minute of soaking my underwear with his spit he pulled them off of me, getting naked in the process too, and then went back to licking my ass and swallowing my dick whole. I was so turned on. I flipped him over so I could taste him too. Fuck. His cock was perfect. A little over 7 inches long, thick and with a wide head. I bent over and licked him from his balls to the head. With my hand wrapped around the base I started sucking on his head. Goddamn if his precome didn’t taste amazing. I moved my hand around his big balls and swallowed as much of his cock as I could. I did pretty well, considering how wide it was. My hand went down between his legs and found his asshole. I rubbed up and down the outside of his hole and then brought my finger back up to my nose. It smelled better than clean – it smelled like his sweat. He pulled me up to his face so we could make out.

Somehow we ended up with him sitting up, his head against the wall and me sitting in his lap with our cocks together. I aggressively pushed him into the wall while I shoved my tongue in his mouth. He pulled me tighter into him until he suddenly pushed me down and got on top of me again, his cock grinding into mine. Again he moved down until he was sucking my dick and tonguing my ass some more. I was losing my mind. “I want you to fuck me,” I said and he assured me I was going to get fucked. He said there was no way I wasn’t going to get fucked. Hot.

He jumped up to get lube. I followed him because I wanted to see him naked in the light. I was surprised when he went to his parent’s bedroom and pulled some lube out of a bedside table. Standing there by the door, ready to get back to action I took in how perfect his ass was. “You can fuck me,” I said, “but I want your ass first.” Back on his brother’s bed I got between Amro’s legs, my face pushed up against his ass. My tongue licked across his hole and it tasted amazing. I licked again, my tongue flat against his hole, and started getting a rhythm. The more I licked the more I wanted to shove my whole face in there. I pushed up on his legs and Amro helped out by leaning back. Immediately his head and shoulders were on the bed but his back was up and his knees pointing at his face leaving his ass entirely exposed. I kneeled in front of him, pulling his cheeks apart and stuck my tongue up his ass as far as I could. My hand found his hard cock and I pulled on it while I licked and sucked on his ass lips.

Suddenly I wanted to fuck him hard! I pulled his torso down and shoved my dick up to his hole. I teased him with it, my precome covering his hot hole in seconds, and then I pushed him back up so I could lick it all off his ass. Still, I knew, as much as I wanted to fuck him, what I really wanted was to feel his dick up my ass. But before I could even get that far, what I really wanted was to suck his dick some more. I took his whole cock in my mouth and let myself choke on it for a second. I came back up and sucked on the head while forcing his precome out of the tip with my tongue. Amro was moaning and telling me how good I was at sucking dick. That just spurred me on even more and I swallowed his dick whole again just to hear him moan some more. Soon my fist was wrapped around his dick, jacking him off while sucking on the head – I wondered if I could get him to come in my mouth.

He was close to shooting off when he pushed me off of him and got between my legs again, wetting my ass with his tongue. Amro quickly lubed up my ass and then his dick, and slowly but firmly shoved his whole 7 inches up my ass. It felt fucking fantastic. Just then the Call to Prayer came over the loudspeaker from a mosque in the neighborhood. I smiled as I remembered where I was and how crazy this whole scene was – here I was in Cairo getting fucked by a hot Muslim cub – it was my own personal Islamic conversion. Amro picked up speed until he was pounding my ass as hard as he could. I laid there and took it and fisted my own cock until he went faster still and then came in my ass. He pulled out and pulled off a condom full of come.

I was still hard and jacking off – I told him to fuck my face while I beat off so he brought his still-hard dick up to my face and shoved it in my mouth. I could taste the remains of his come and sucked as hard as I could to get all that I could. I was so turned on it was actually near impossible for me to come. Sometimes I get so turned on I go beyond orgasm. It can be frustrating. Amro didn’t care – he fucked my face for a good while then pulled out.

He grabbed the second condom I brought and slipped it on. Fuck yeah – he got between my legs and shoved his dick back in my ass and started fucking me again! I kept jacking off while watching this insanely hot man fucking me. My left hand reached between my legs and felt his thickness slide in and out of my hole. That was all it took – within seconds I shot all over my chest and his. Amro pulled out and laid down next to me, exhausted. Both of us were covered in sweat. We kissed again and I was so fucking happy.

We took a shower together and he took me to his friends’ apartment in Giza where we had pizza and the guys bellydanced in the new year. I felt so lucky to meet some honest-to-god homos in the city who were cute and fun to hang out with. “What you don’t know,” Amro said, “is that I have to join the army in 13 days.” Turns out it’s mandatory for most men and he couldn’t escape it. He drove me back to my hotel and we had a good talk the whole ride home.

I’m sad to say I never saw him again but we texted up until the day before he had to go in for basic training. Three days after he joined up the protests started and I still have no idea what the hell happened to him. I have to wait another month before his internet privileges are returned and I can find out if he’s okay. I fucking hope so - I can’t believe I have a personal stake in the Egyptian revolution but I do. 

Update 7-29-11: I heard from Amro today and he’s doing well. That makes me happy.

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