January 26, 2011
cub on the internet = hot weirdness

I was jacking off via skype with this 30 year old hot ginger cub in Holland. It was 3 in the morning there and he said we had to be really quiet. “Let me guess - you still live with your parents,” I said. “How did you know?” he asked. “European + quiet = living with mum.” “No, just my dad.” 

He gave me a little show, moving the laptop around, jacking off with his boxers shoved beneath his balls and then showing me his hole (totally fuckable). We weren’t quiet enough though - the screen went white and then the connection was lost. Three minutes later he came back online to tell me that his dad walked in on him jacking off and saw me on screen, which just confirmed he was gay to his dad. Whoops.

Then he told me I looked like his dad, and that he found naked photos of dad on dad’s computer, and did I want to see them. I did. He sent me a photo of this handsome beefy fucker in underwear and then 4 closeups of his enormous uncut cock. “He sends them to people,” he said. “Dude, your dad is gay,” I said. He didn’t agree. I said it’d be hot to have dad fuck me while I sucked him off - he came moments later.

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