September 18, 2010
the weirdest place I’ve ever had sex exacts it’s own price

I was riding my bike home late one night from a friend’s house. We’d had a few beers so I was slightly drunk but more than that I was horny. But I’m always horny. It was fall so I had on my Carhardt jacket and the bike ride was almost entirely uphill so I wasn’t cold from all the effort. I was biking through the lower income part of town, which, where I live doesn’t equal scary; it’s just full of immigrants.

As I’m going super slow up this hill, I come up on a truck that has just parked in the opposite direction. I watch as two Mexican guys get out of the vehicle and the passenger has a half rack of beer in his hand. Our eyes connect and I stare at him for as long as I can while I pass him. He’s in his mid-twenties and handsome with thick eyebrows and a thick mustache. They close the truck doors and start heading towards somebody’s house. I look back and he’s still checking me out and I’m starting to get hard wondering what could happen next. I ride to the top of the block and get off my bike and stare at him. I massage my dick through my pants, which stops him in his tracks and, saying something to his friend in Spanish, hands him the half rack of beer and starts walking up the hill towards me.

By the time he gets to the top of the hill I’m fully hard in my pants, which he can’t fail to notice. And this is when I notice that he’s wearing his McDonald’s uniform. He’d just gotten off work and was going to get drunk when I interrupted. Somehow I find this super endearing – hey – a uniform’s a uniform, right? I ask him where he wants to go but he tells me that he doesn’t speak English. I don’t really speak Spanish but suddenly I remember enough to make this happen. It’s obvious we can’t go to the house he was going to and my house is still another mile uphill.

The obvious answer is right in front of us – the abandoned lot with six foot tall grass right on the corner. There’s just enough streetlight to see as I walk us into the middle of the lot and drop my bike, take off my jacket and lay it in grass. We’re pretty secluded from both streets but it’s not like we’re totally hidden. But it’s late at night so I feel like nobody’s going to be bothering us. We lie down on my jacket and start making out. I put my hand under his McDonald’s shirt and feel his furry chest and ease my fingers under the waistband of his underwear. Soon we’re rubbing each other through our pants until we get too turned on. We pull our jeans and underwear down just to our knees and jack each other off while we make out.

This all feels dangerous and hot simultaneously and I’m nervous but too turned on to stop myself. He’s got a hot hard dick and I want to suck it but it’s obvious he’s not going to suck my dick in return so fuck it. Sometimes I’m too much of a righteous fag to realize a good thing when it’s in my hand. I concentrated on jacking him off while we’re making out and soon enough he moaning into my mouth and comes all over my hand and wrist. Hot. I wipe his come on my jeans because there’s nowhere else to put it. But this whole scene is weird and public enough, and I’m drunk enough to realize I’m never going to come so I quit jacking off and pull up my pants.

We put ourselves back together, walk out of the grassy lot and say goodbye. I ride my bike the rest of the way home wondering what the hell just happened. As soon as I got in my apartment the vague smell of something foul becomes overwhelming. I take off my jacket and realize I’d laid it right in the middle of a huge pile of human shit in the abandoned lot. Ugh. I immediately threw the jacket away, took a shower and went to bed. Even if there was a god, I’m still not sure what the moral of this story would be.

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