September 16, 2010
uppity cub is put in his place

It had been a while since I’d had any crazy sexual adventures so I decided to go to the next town over because I’d heard it was a lot sleazier than where I live. Some friends were driving over there that weekend and I hopped a ride in their car. I got a cheap hotel on the main drag where all the gay bars are and, after dinner with my friends, headed out on my own.

I ended up at the Eagle and the DJ wasn’t bad so I decided to stick around. Maybe an hour after I’d gotten there I was drinking my beer when I see a guy staring me down from across the bar. I was looking pretty good, so I thought, and his intensity was both flattering and unnerving. Basically I was grinning like an idiot. He was about my height but had at least 40 pounds of muscle on me and was wearing some leather gear. He motioned me over with a head nod. I stayed where I was and did the same thing back to him. Two can play at this game, right?

He didn’t move at all except to pull his head back again – if this was going to happen it was going to be on his terms. I walked over as slowly as possible and started talking to him. His name? M. Seriously, his name was the letter M. My beer ran out and he asked if I wanted some of his. When I said yes he tipped his bottle up to my mouth and proceeded to make me swallow so much I had beer running down the sides of my face. Oh okay. It’s going to be like that. Well, I wanted trouble, didn’t I? We left together about five minutes later.

Walking back to my hotel he asked to stop by his car. He grabbed a medicine bag and we continued walking to my dingy room, except he made me walk in front of him so he could watch my sexy ass, as he put it.

We got in the room and started making out as soon as the door closed. He had me pushed up against the wall when he opened up his medicine bag and pulled out two fur-lined leather cuffs. He showed me how they’re easy to release as he put one around each of my wrists. Then he pulled my shirt off, grabbed my wrists and attached each cuff to the coat rack above my head. What??? Had he done this before? Before I can really even think about what’s happening he pulls my pants down and starts sucking my dick. It feels good so I don’t even mind that I’m attached to the wall naked.

He stopped sucking me, stands up, and pulls a brand new bottle of Crisco oil out of his bag. I’m just staring, kinda curious, but starting to get freaked out. He opens the top and proceeds to pour the entire fucking bottle over my head. I instantly lose my hard on and say “Dude, I have to pay for this room.” I watch as the oil is dripping off me and seeping into the dingy brown carpeting and start to think it might not matter.

He doesn’t care what I think and goes back down on his knees to suck my dick some more while rubbing the oil all over me and it’s starting to feel good. Pretty soon I’m as hard as ever when he pulls me off of the coat rack hooks and literally tosses me onto the bed.

He’s sucking my dick again and puts some more cuffs around my ankles and then hooks my wrists to my ankles. This whole scene is ridiculously out of control but so long as he doesn’t pull any knives out of that bag of tricks I’m okay. And really, there’s nothing I could do about it anyway. I’m on my back with my hole exposed and my arms and legs above me when he starts sucking on my ass and shoving his tongue up there. I’m going out of my mind because it feels so good when he unhooks my arms and legs again. He turns his body around and shoves his cock in my mouth while swallowing my entire dick all at once.

I’m trying not to gag at the huge cock in mouth and kind of failing. This guy really doesn’t care and is face fucking me hard. He pulls out, puts on a condom real quick, wipes some of the Crisco off my body onto the condom and basically just shoves his dick up my ass. I think my ankles got cuffed again. It’s like a fucking circus act with this guy. But whatever, it’s feeling good soon enough and I’m jacking off with him inside me and basically shoot off all over my chest while he’s still ramming my ass.

As soon as I come he pulls out, gets on my chest and shoves his dick in mouth. Dude! Enough with the plantation owner routine! I shove him off of me and try to suck his dick from above but oh, no, he’s not having it. I’m on my back again in five seconds with him jacking off in my face. I start sucking his dick again and he comes instantly in my mouth. And lots of it. I start spitting it out and immediately start telling him that wasn’t cool. Not to mention using oil as a lubricant, which was totally not safe. He gets off me and pisses in the sink in the corner. Guess what? He still doesn’t care.

“Stand up and look at yourself in the mirror,” he says. I do – I’m totally glistening with the oil and my hairy body does look pretty good. “You look fucking hot,” he says, “and next time I’m gonna put a ball gag in your mouth.”

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