September 14, 2010
tumblr follower has incredibly tight ass

Frank first tagged me on BearCiti a year ago - that perpetually dying site that was at least not racist/sizeist like some other bear sites. I tagged him back, but whatever - he lived in Texas and seemed too young for me to even consider. And then a year later he started following me on tumblr and I took a second look - still cute enough yeah, but also kind of geeky - that’s always a hit or miss on the socially awkward scale.

A few months later he started messaging me that he’s coming to my city for a wedding and did I want to meet up while he’s in town? I was pretty dubious - he looked a lot like another geeky friend I’d had awkward sex with and I was transferring that on to this guy. But something intrigued me still - maybe it was his friendliness, maybe the fact that he kept coming around.

The night before he got here we messaged back and forth a bunch - I wanted to know if he was just looking for a friendly tour guide or was he interested in making out if there was mutual interest? Maybe both, he said. Cool enough. We agreed to meet at a local free museum and see if there was chemistry.

So Frank shows up at the museum and I’m kind of blown away. He’s got a deep voice and is way cuter than in his photos. Way cuter. Like I’m suddenly nervous I’m the ugly one here and he’s gonna dump my ass at the door. He’s 25, 5’10” with black hair and a swimmer’s body. We go through the museum, both of us a little nervous and talk about the art on the walls and his life as a preacher’s son. I tell him how cute I think he is and he brushes it off so I can’t tell if he just wants to escape. But he’s fine. He just doesn’t think he’s all that.

We eased up a little and decided to talk some more over tea. The more he talks, the more I like him - there’s an easy confidence about him and we very pragmatically decide it’s time to go to my place if we’re gonna do this because he’s on a schedule and I want enough time to thoroughly enjoy his hot body.

Back at my apartment we go straight to the bedroom and start making out. Pretty soon I’ve got my hands on the front of his pants and I’m feeling a nice dick through his jeans. He does the same to me until we both stop and pull off everything all at once.

He gets on my bed and I get on top of him. We’d already established I was the top here given our natural preferences but he’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to play any daddy/boy games, which actually makes it even hotter for me. No role playing, just a couple of guys into each other works better than calling some guy son or some such shit.

We make out until he flips me on my back and starts sucking my dick. He can’t take it all but that’s okay. We change places and I start sucking his cock. His dick’s got a huge mushroom head and the rest isn’t quite as thick but it feels real good in my mouth and I am loving taking as much as I can.

I go down to lick his balls and it’s like his ass is calling to me. I don’t know if it was his sweat or precome or what but he smells so good. I take a tentative lick at his hole and it tastes even better than it smells. I lost my mind at this point and with one arm I pulled both of his legs up by his head, folding him in half and exposing his ass entirely for me to eat.

I was licking and sucking on Frank’s ass like crazy. The more I suck on it the more I just want to shove my dick in to the hilt. Turns out Frank’s got the same idea. He wants me to fuck him but he hasn’t done it very often and he’s super tight but he thinks my thick cock should be fine if we can just go slow. I pull out a condom and make him suck my dick while I get it unwrapped and lubed up.

Frank got on his back and I started fingering his tight hole and jacking off simultaneously. I get two and then three fingers up there and it doesn’t seem to be getting any looser - this boy is super tight. Finally I can’t take it anymore and push the head of my dick up against his ass until I gain access. I leave just the tip in to let him get used to it and start jacking him off to distract him. A little more lube and I have the rest of my dick inside of him and it’s like a fucking vice, it’s so tight up there.

Frank is going out of his mind at this point and tells me to quit playing with his dick immediately or he’ll come and then we’ll be done. So I ignore his dick and concentrate on just fucking him as hard as possible. I’ve got one ankle in each hand as I’m pushing¬† into him as hard as I can and making him roll his eyes back. I’m grunting and growling and fucking this hot boy ass until I slow down and leaned over to make out with him with my dick still inside him.

I know I’m never gonna come wearing a condom so I eventually pull out and tell him to fuck my face while I jack off. Frank straddled my chest with his hardon right in front of me. I stuff it in my mouth and he starts fucking my face hard while I furiously jack off. His balls are slapping against my chin and soon I’m just breathing around the dick in my mouth trying not to bite down as I come everywhere. White stuff sprays from my ankle to Frank’s side and still I’ve got his dick in my mouth.¬†

Frank lays down and I use my come as lubricant to jack him off. I’m kneeling next to him with his dick in my hand as he starts whimpering and then shoots a huge load all over his tight stomach. Fucking hot.

We took a shower and then he went off to his cousin’s wedding rehearsal dinner. The next day I sent him a text telling him I couldn’t stop thinking about our two hours of amazing sex. He wrote back “Everytime I think about yesterday I twitch.” I loved fucking the preacher’s son.

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