September 14, 2010
Paco from Chihuahua makes sure I don’t steal his wallet

One night I invited my bi guy friend Sean over. We start talking about my first adventure at a bathhouse the night before and how frustrating it was to walk around for hours before finally getting off and his curiosity is totally piqued. He wanted to go right then but I wasn’t into it - I told him we should go to the park instead - doesn’t cost anything and maybe it’ll be easier than the bathhouse.

I’d been to the park years before with another friend and it had freaked me out - it seemed too casual and scary and I just left him there. But I’d since been to India and had finally figured out how to have casual sex without getting all hung up about it. So Sean and I walk a couple miles to the park and I’m pretty excited about actually participating this time instead of just being freaked out.

We got there and were sitting on a bench finishing our drinks and calming down from all our laughing because we’d gotten pretty high before we left my place. I led us in to the bushes and we see some action and Sean’s pretty impressed at the network of paths through the trees. I  said “I know a tree where there’s usually a lot of action.” We went back in and immediately find it: one guy was taking turns giving three guys head. It seemed like a little more than Sean bargained for (he was just bi enough to get his dick sucked but really preferred women) and he stood back. I was entranced however. I wanted it now. I told him I couldn’t do anything with him standing there uncomfortable so he suggested meeting me in 10 minutes.

I went in looking again and two minutes later walked into an area where five guys all showed up at the exact same moment. We all just stopped and stood there for a moment looking at each other in a circle. The guy next to me was dressed nicely in western wear and in the darkness I could barely make out that he was Hispanic and pretty handsome.

We stood there for a minute more, all of us watching and waiting for somebody to make a move. Finally I moved back against the tree branch that extended in towards the handsome Latino. I gestured with my left hand just slightly and he gestured to welcome me in. I walked up to him and he asked me how I was. “Fine,” I said and then asked to go somewhere less busy. Our interaction seemed to trigger the other guys who started feeling each other up as we walked off.

He asked my name and where I was from. I told him and he told me he was Paco from Chihuahua, Mexico. We found a deserted bush (not that it was secluded) and we walked into the brush. I asked him what he liked to do and he asked “Do you like to suck?” I said yeah and I started unzipping his pants. I asked if he liked to kiss and he said yeah, but when I kissed him he didn’t respond. He told me to kiss his dick instead and I made him take it out of his pants. I got on my knees and started sucking his dick. It was already hard and he grabbed my head and pushed me down on him until I started choking and I pulled off. He told me to suck him some more so I put my hand around the base so he couldn’t overwhelm me but he told me to take my hand away. This time he was good – he didn’t choke me and I started jacking myself off while I swallowed more of his sizable cock. The more excited I got, the more of his dick I was able to swallow until I had the whole thing in my throat and was deep throating it like crazy. My hand went to his ass to pull him even closer in when I felt his hand over mine making sure I wasn’t trying to pickpocket him. No Paco, I don’t want your money, just your dick.

I kept sucking him until he told me he was going to come so I started licking around his furry belly and the base of his dick while he jacked himself off and shot all over the ground. I stood up with my hard-on poking out and asked if he wanted to give me head. He said he had to go find his friend and left me high and dry. Fucker.

I was so high from this interaction that I had to do something about it immediately. I stuffed my cock back in my pants and walked around looking for somebody to take care of me. I walked back into more bushes and saw a guy with his baseball cap on backwards on his knees sucking a hot jock guy while two others jocks felt him up. I pulled my dick out and stood behind the sucker and started jacking off. The guy he was sucking came in his mouth and baseball cap guy immediately turned around and started giving me head while jock guy walked away.

The other two guys pulled my shirt up and my pants down and were feeling up my hairy chest and exposed ass and I was panting like crazy. I had a hand around one guy’s totally huge dick and my other hand pinching on the nipple of the guy sucking me. “Just relax with it” said the guy with the huge dick and within moments I told them I was going to come. He kept sucking until I exploded a torrent of come into his mouth. He was moaning as he swallowed it all down. I collapsed against a tree behind me and one of the onlookers grabbed onto my dick until I pulled away and buttoned up.

I walked out to find Sean. He wanted to walk through one more time but I said no; I had to get out of there now since I was laughing so hard because all of the sexual euphoria coursing through me.

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