September 14, 2010
hotel owner’s son wore special underwear just for me

I went to India when I was 27 and was surprised to find out I was a sex object there. I was flirted with every day on the bus or walking down the street. My ears were pierced - that’s the only thing I can think that gave it away, that and I wasn’t traveling with women.

I’d landed in Calcutta and was traveling down the east coast visiting town after town. I’d see some of the same faces in each town, fellow travelers like me. One guy was an obvious homo from Israel. We’d see each other in restaurants eating with local guys (the local homos could spot us from miles away and would approach us to talk, flirt, eat food and maybe have sex with us) and eventually we started talking.

He was about to leave the little town we were in called Hampi but he wanted me to know that he had been royally fucked by his hotel owner’s son in the monkey caves outside of town. He went so far as to introduce me to the guy, Chandra, who was probably 22 and a very handsome man with a mustache and a wiry body. As I shook Chandra’s hand he gave me the secret homo handshake with his index finger rubbing across my palm. Okay, everybody knew the score - hot. I’m pretty sure Chandra was straight but given that men can only have sex with their wives a lot of guys were willing to do what was necessary to get serviced. And I was only too happy to oblige in this case.

I checked in the next morning not sure how to proceed. Chandra solved that problem by coming over to my room and asking if I wanted to tour his family’s banana plantation later that day. Worked for me. So that afternoon I got on the back of his scooter and he drove us out into the banana fields and through them. He parked at the edge of a river valley where we jumped from one giant boulder to the next until we were in the middle of the river on a boulder that was semi-secluded by other rocks and nobody else anywhere close by.

He told me to stay there while he took care of something and went off jumping across boulders the way we came. I didn’t know what the hell was going on but he came back soon enough and we sat down in the shadow of one of the boulders. His English was minimal and I was nervous but eventually I worked up the courage to put my hand on his thigh. “Is this okay?” I asked and he said yes so I got bolder and moved my hand up to his crotch. His dick was already hard in his pants and it was big. I massaged his hard on through his pants and felt my fear be overcome with lust. I opened his pants to see that he was wearing leopard spotted briefs. I think that’s what he’d run off to do - change into his “sexy” underwear.

No matter, I pulled them down in a few seconds and started feeling him up. His dick was probably 8 inches long and thick - perfect. I jacked him off for a minute looking at it and looking at his face to gauge how he was with all of this. He looked at me with mild disdain but he knew what he wanted so he pushed my head towards his crotch. I licked his dick and some precome seeped out. That made me go crazy and I pushed my head down to take in more of his cock.

I alternated sucking his dick and licking up and down his length for a few minutes. I was hard in my pants and eventually pulled them down so I could jack off while I sucked him off. Maybe Chandra wasn’t as straight as he acted because when he saw me beating my¬† meat his dick swelled up even more and he warned me he was coming.

I sucked on his dick even harder for a few seconds, playing with the idea of him coming in my mouth. But at the last second he pulled me off so I jacked him off hard and he came all over my face. Ropes of come covered me as I laid back on the rock next to him and tasted his precome in my mouth. Within seconds I came all over myself while he watched.

Chandra handed me a rag and we cleaned up. He didn’t really want to look at me anymore after that but we got on his scooter and rode back into town. Somewhere along the way we stopped where he saw friends and I’m pretty sure he told them in Hindi that I’d just sucked his dick but I couldn’t be sure.

I stayed a few days more and even ate dinner with his family but we never did it again.