September 14, 2010
welcome to my perverted lifestyle

I like sex a lot. And I like to write about it. I’m not super hot but somehow I manage to have some pretty amazing sexual adventures. I’m here to tell you true stories. Hopefully stories that get you hard and get you off. I’m totally open to feedback.

In case you’re wondering - I’m a hairy motherfucker. Everywhere but my ass. I’m of average height and have a little belly but I also work out so I’m kinda beefy - I think the technical term is “fireplug.” ┬áMy dick isn’t huge but it’s plenty thick and seeps precome all day long. I love to make out, love sucking dick and getting mine sucked, and love fucking ass. I get fucked too but the dick has to be big enough to warrant entry. I like a challenge.

Like I said, I end up having more than my fair share of hot times - maybe because I’m an alpha male and if I see something I’ll go for it? Guys tell me I’m handsome but that just makes me shy. I like all kinds of guys: tall or short, thin to beefy and all colors of the gay rainbow. Everywhere I go I think the men are hot. And everywhere I go I end up getting naked with them (unless I’m in a monogamous relationship and then, believe it or not, I honor that).

Here’s a link to all my stories, all of which are true, and I think the truthfulness makes it even hotter. Let me know if you agree.

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